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Empowering Indonesia’s Future Leaders

The XL Future Leaders program was specifically designed to meet the learning needs of Indonesia’s young leaders by combining workshops, online activities and team based projects.

Indonesia’s most dynamic CSR program

XL Future Leaders is an Indonesian corporate social responsibility (CSR) program designed to develop leaders that are socially informed, creative and confident by providing high quality learning resources for young people across Indonesia.

  • Developing capabilities through self reflection
  • Building an awareness of Indonesia’s development needs
  • Inspiring confidence and independent thinking
  • Creating hands-on entrepreneurial experiences

Global Leader

XL Future Leaders Program

The thinking tools and insights that I have learned in the XL Future Leaders Program have been incredibly valuable to me. The program empowers students to learn by doing, and as a result I truly improved my leadership skills.


Indonesian leaders upholding their cultural values and exemplifying global standards of excellence.


To empower Indonesian future leaders with confidence, insight and awareness in the context of learning our three core competencies: effective communication, entrepreneurship & innovation, and managing change.

Project History

The XL Future Leaders program began as the vision of our Former CEO, Pak Hasnul Suhaimi, who wanted to create a world-class leadership development program to empower future Indonesian leaders in accordance with the nationally recognized goal for Indonesia to be one of the top 5 world economies by the year 2030. This vision would involve the creation of an intensive 2-year leadership development program to prepare university students for the rigors of leadership in the global context, as well as an e-curriculum that would be free for anyone wishing to improve their leadership capacity.

As a result, the highly reputable New Zealand based consultancy, Cognition Education, was brought in to conduct a survey of the educational needs that would best prepare young Indonesian leaders for the challenges ahead. The survey revealed three core competencies that form a basis for competitiveness in the global economy: effective communication, entrepreneurship and innovation, and managing change. Additionally, the survey revealed the need for improved critical thinking skills, which is the underlying theme behind the curriculum that Cognition eventually designed specifically for the XL Future Leaders program.

Leadership Team

Leo Mokodompit


Leo has served in youth empowerment for more than 15 years, since he first initiated a youth movement in his hometown of Kendari. He has seven years experience with the Indonesian National Commission for UNESCO in youth empowerment and education for sustainable development. Leo is an innovative entrepreneur with an educational background in planning and public policy from the University of Indonesia.

Dwi Kartika Sari

Program Leader / Facilitator

Deedee is a native Jakartan. Since 2013, she has been the Program Leader for the XL Future Leaders CSR initiative. Deedee has fourteen years of experience teaching English to businesspeople, which led her to a number of opportunities working with top executives in some of Indonesia’s most established companies.

Tidar Rachmadi


Tidar is passionate about driving growth through youth development, combining his grassroots and international experience. He has a bachelor’s in Political Science from Universitas Indonesia and an MBA from Hult International Business School, San Francisco. He also acts as Movement Director at a social enterprise in youth development. Previously Tidar worked at Indonesia Mengajar and the British Council.

Vania Santoso


Vania led the community empowerment on the environment in her hometown, Surabaya and secured her first USD 10,000 international funding from UNEP in Sweden when she was 15. Once she graduated from Universitas Airlangga, Vania has scaled that social project up into a social enterprise on ethical fashion, heySTARTIC. She previously worked at UNFPA and UNICEF on youth engagement and innovations field.

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