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7 Signs That You Are a True Future Leader

Our society and culture are obsessed with leadership. Universities, government agencies, private sectors, and other entity busy making new initiatives that involve youth in preparing their future to become a great leader. With so many options out there, you may be wondering which program suits best for you and the more important question is: Do I really have the quality to become a leader?

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The First Youth Town Hall by XL Future Leaders

The fourth industrial revolution is now around the corner. Everyone, and that means including youth, government, media, and private sector, is gearing up to utilize digital technology to create better solution for everyday living. XL Axiata, through XL Future Leaders program, is a strong supporter for youth development in both digital literacy and soft-skills empowerment. Located in the artsy Bandung Creative Hub, XL Future Leaders conducted Youth Town Hall on 11 April 2018, in which we facilitated a lively discussion among youth, regulator, media, and digital company. The event was held in conjunction with XL Future Leaders Batch 7 launching.

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Catatan: A Trip to Liponsos

Words by Dendy Hardiansyah (Batch 5 – Surabaya)

Senin (12/02) menjadi puncak dari rentetan panjang rencana proyek sosial dari XLFL Batch 5 kelas Surabaya. Acara berbagi dengan tajuk “A Trip to Liponsos XLFL x YPIB” tersebut diadakan bersama dengan Yayasan Pemuda Indonesia Berkarya (YPIB), yayasan yang bersisikan alumni dari program XL Future Leaders. Senada dengan judulnya, acara sosial ini diselenggarakan di Lingkungan Pondok Sosial, Dinas Sosial kota Surabaya, pada senin kemarin.

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Innovation by XL Future Leaders

When creativity combined with the opportunity to create values, XL Future Leaders awardees surely know how to cultivate them to create innovations. In a year, we typically kickoff 20 to 30 new innovations co-founded by XLFL. Again, it’s always quality over quantity so what makes us proud is not the number of innovations created but their quality to tackle some of the most pressing problems in daily life, effectively.

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Workshop “Jaman Now” Ala

Sejak bulan Oktober hingga Desember ini, berkesempatan untuk menyapa sahabat-sahabat elearn yang berada ditiga kota di Indonesia yaitu Jakarta, Makassar dan Medan. Dikesempatan itu pula, diadakan workshop yang mengupas tuntas materi elearn tentang Career Planning dan Public Speaking.

Workshop yang dilaksanakan dengan durasi 8 jam ini, diikuti lebih dari 450 mahasiswa yang juga merupakan siswa di Mereka berkesempatan untuk saling berdiskusi, praktek dan berdialog dengan fasilitator-fasilitator dari

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XL Future Leaders’ Holiday Playlist

Psychologist Daniel J. Levitin, PhD says that music has been recognized as an effective form of therapy to provide outlet for emotions. It is also a relatively new domain to treat physical ailments.

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Announcing XLFL National Conference 2017

On November 24-26, 2017, 300 youth leaders who join at XL Future Leaders program will gather in Jakarta for our 6th annual XLFL National Conference. This year’s National Conference will bring the theme of ‘Great Leaders Start Here,’ as we see significant leadership achievements from XLFL awardees and alumni.

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Welcoming XLFL 6 to Our Award-Winning Program

Every year, XL Future Leaders team travel across the country to find student leaders to join our award-winning youth development program. Now, we are pleased to announce 150 students that have been accepted to study with XL Future Leaders.

Congratulations on your successful application to participate at XL Future Leaders Batch 6!

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Batch 6 Round One Selections Are Complete

Online Assessment Result

If your name is on this list, you are successfully passed the Online Assessment of XLFL6 and will be eligible continue to the next selection phase. Below is the list of the candidates:

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Announcement Online Assessment

Thank You for Participating at Online Assessment !

After a very tight selection process, we have done Online Assessment stage consisting of GMAT and English Test to more than 3,000 candidates.

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