XL Future Leaders Video Series

We often ask ourselves on how we can make a difference in our daily life. In our commute time, we see children playing on the street, on TV we watch our politicians badmouth each other, and when we scroll timeline feeds on social media we see inequalities occur in many corners of the country. The question is always the same: what can we do to address such issues?

In XL Future Leaders, our students don’t ask, they act upon it.

To celebrate its 5th year jubilee edition, XL Future Leaders produces Social Innovation Projects made originally by our students from all over Indonesia. We select 10 representative ideas and distribute them through various channels.

Inspired by many social activities they create, XL Future Leaders proudly presents 10 videos capturing 10 different initiatives made by our homegrown students. Those projects are made as part of Social Innovation Project challenge, with the guidance of a XL Future Leaders mentors. Each week, we will release one video and we hope they could inspire more youth in Indonesia to engage and work closely with society.
The 10 Social Innovation Projects videos share how youth, especially those who join XL Future Leaders, can solve the challenge faced by society – from tolerance and diversity to improving quality of life of fishermen in East Java, from Batik artist in Yogyakarta to urban farming in Jakarta. XL Future Leaders aims the real stories and ideas can create extraordinary impact.
Finally, here are the 10 Social Innovation Projects:

  • Aristotell:

    • An application that combines technology, history, and art. It is a one-stop application to learn history in a fun way using augmented reality. Users will act as soldiers who fight for Indonesia’s independence back in 1900s.
  • Misteripang:

    • Teripang (sea cucumber) is a creature that has multiple benefits for health. With the help of XL Future Leaders students, fishermen in East Java are now transforming the process of making teripang to be more sophisticated, making it into a ready-to-consume product.
  • Kebun:

    • Kebun project initiated to assist the residents of Rumah Susun Marunda to maximize their urban farming activities on their idle land and develop distribution system with partners, in order to increase their income.
  • Arutala:

    • Everybody loves batik, but not everyone knows the philosophy behind the design. Arutala, through its batik scanning service will be the first online encyclopedia ever in Indonesia. On top of that, it is also a market place for batik artists and buyers.
  • Ayobaca.in:

    • Limited audiobook production and the high prices of braille books become obstacles for visually impaired in Indonesia. To address the problem, Ayobaca,in aims to provide flexible, accessible, and affordable audiobook application.
  • AntreApps:

    • Long-queuing is a common sight and has been unavoidable problem in many hospitals, especially the ones in big cities. Limited personnel and flooding patients are the root cause. AntreApps comes as an effort to cut the line so hospital patients can save time, money, and energy before they’re meeting the doctors.
  • Medan Tanpa Kotak: video coming soon!
    • Medan Tanpa Kotak is a sustainable community movement consists of youth who creates creative campaign to spread the message of unity, since Medan racial groups gap and conflict are very sephere.
  • Paluroa:

    • Palu well known as the biggest producers of rattan in Indonesia, but now the rattan selling is decreasing. Paluroa project is conducted to give the rattan crafters assistance on how to do simple market research, product development and most importantly online marketing.
  • Undefeated: video coming soon!
    • Undeafeated is a youth community who runs creative campaign aimed to raise social awareness about the condition of the hearing impaired community in Indonesia through proliferation of sign language to bridge communication barriers.


We hope you enjoy the video and get as much inspiration as we do!