Are you the ones for XL Future Leaders Batch 6?

One of the great things that young people like us can do is fulfilling our dreams that are meant to keep us running.

Once we know what we want to achieve, we are going to make sure our path is designed and made wide open. How many of us that is lucky enough to have such empowerment to see our path clearer and brighter. How many of us that is lucky enough to get the opportunity to be supported in a well-designed surrounding? The questions remain open.

XL Future Leaders is back and here to be part of the answer. We are set to invite more of us, the young generation to care for our dreams. We are proudly inviting you to start preparing to apply and compete for the seat for XL Future Leaders Batch 6!

Our last batch registrants reached 11,536. It is a big number to see how much enthusiastic are young generation seeing and believing the future. We could not be happier to see the number keeps growing, to see more opportunity coming.

We are going to start the intake from April to May 2017. XL Axiata team and XLFL program facilitators are more than ready to meet you and your city through XL Future Leaders university roadshows. We love to share more things we can do to support you achieving best.

Write the date, book your schedule. Grab this opportunity to become part of national community of the future-minded students!

We look forward to meeting you very soon. Do not hesitate to contact us and all XL Future Leaders from Batch 1 to 5 that you know for more interesting detail if you have seen you joining us on this November 2017.


It is your time now!! Go straight to our signup page to find out more details and see if you are eligible to apply.



XL Future Leaders Team