… And the Journey Begins

Words by Atsila Malik (Batch 7, Bandung)

I arrive before 8.30am, feel excited yet nervous to the toes. This is going to be something that may change my life forever! I have to stretch myself to make me feel that it’s real. I am here!

We start the workshop at 8.30am. It is started with a class introduction and turns out it feels different, in a good way of course. Leo, our class facilitator (now has become one of the most inspiring people I have ever met), starts it first and is followed by the rest of the class. All my friends here are amazing! Really… I am ‘intimidated’ yet happy knowing that I am motivated and soon friended with them. Their stories amaze me; joining competitions overseas, being a member of a debate team, working with awesome community and many more that enough to keep me jaw-dropping for hours! Like that is not enough, these new friends are also active. Raising hands in a talk and expressing their opinions straight forward are not rarely anymore. I am cornered.  It turns my world upside down. Before this, I just love sitting comfortably on my chair and observing the surrounding, waiting to attack that might sometimes pushing me doing nothing.  I guess this is because I am afraid to be judged, afraid to try, and even more, afraid to make a mistake! I realize I have made wrong decisions this long. Especially when our facilitator, Leo, explains to us, “This is the safest place to make a mistake”. It sounds like a stream of warm water coming to my discouraged heart.

The lesson is learned well. That very first day has given me such energy to change my move better. So, on the second day, I become braver in a little group discussion (first step before going to bigger group 😊). I ask, I interrupt, I initiate, I debate, and I collaborate. I feel happily different.

This two-day of workshop is something that opens my eyes. And I do really wish that everyone can experience the same. Every second spent in the workshop is a learning for me. Effective Communication, Entrepreneurship and Innovation, and even Managing Change are discussed, and frankly speaking they are interesting! We are given the chance to meet two of XLFL Alumni. Their sharing is not only fascinating but also memorable. I am proud to say that this XL Future Leaders Program changes me to become a better version of myself.

But… This won’t stop me here inside the four walls. I am going to bring the vibe out. It is a wake-up call, I need to act! So, I need to be more confident with myself and build trust that I can change better. I believe there is a reason why they have chosen me to be one of this wonderful and amazing XL Future Leaders family. I want to prove that their reasons are right. I am encouraged. I just can’t wait for the next workshop and learning more new things as much as I can, not just from the material but also from all the member of this family as well. Halloo my new family!

… And the journey begins!

January 30, 2019.