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We Must Utilize an Opportunity to The Fullest Extent Because There’s No One Else to Blame For It

Bradley Gunawan – XLFL B5 Jakarta – Founder AMM (Anak Muda Mengajak)

Bradley majored in Green Economy at Surya University and currently working at OTP Institute, a human capital development company focusing on communication and leadership. He is also running AMM (Anak Muda Mengajak), a youth empowerment community that he and his friends started a few years ago, focusing as a platform for youths to create, collaborate, and contribute for others. Lastly, his XLFL SIP (Social Innovation Project) team has also been continuing to develop the project, JALAJAH, a traveling consultation platform.

AMM (Anak Muda Mengajak)

The background of AMM is basically from Bradley’s thought about education and people development. These two are important in many different ways. Technology and many kinds of advancement might not be optimal if the ones using them are not adequately empowered. That’s why he and his friends established AMM as a platform for aspiring youths to access development opportunities. They feel that program development, especially related to soft skills and networking opportunities, are not widely accessible for many people yet. They also observe that a lot of professionals and more experienced individuals (even to the extent of C-Level & Founders) are actually more than willing to share their knowledge and experience. Hence, they see an opportunity there.

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Empower More, Get Back More

Jessica Triady – XLFL B6 Medan – Founder WolleWolly

The restriction of freedom and mobility which women experienced due to gender discrimination at that time was the reason behind Kartini’s aspiration. Just like Kartini, Jessica Triady also recognizes the same problem. Many women are experiencing restrictions, one of which is due to financial difficulties. They are prevented from exploring their potential since they cannot afford to.

Through her business in handcrafting called WolleWolly, Jessica realizes that she can do something to help address this issue. She then turns WolleWolly to be a social enterprise whose profit is generated to empower underprivileged women in her community. She conducts a free crocheting training for them with an aim to equip them with a handcrafting skill. As a result, the women can eventually produce something to be sold and earn extra income from the sales. So far, she has empowered more than 50 women and some have successfully made their crocheting skill their paid hobby.

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Kebaikan dan Harapan di masa Pandemi

Apa kabar teman – teman XLFL? Semoga senantiasa dalam keadaan baik dan sehat. Percayalah situasi ini pasti akan berlalu dan akan banyak pembelajaran yang mengubah kita menjadi orang yang baru!

Tidak jarang kita menonton berita dan membaca informasi yang tidak kita yakini kebenarannya. Di situasi yang serba mengkhawatirkan ini, justru yang kita butuhkan adalah sebaliknya, informasi yang justru memberi kita sedikit ketenangan dan kebenaran akan situasi yang terjadi sebenarnya.

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Alumni Update: Believe In Yourself, Stay Strong, and Trust The Process

What are the values that you applied so that you were able to overcome challenges at work?

  1. Persistence
  2. Genuine
  3. Networking

How did you feel about being a part of XLFL Family and how did it affect you?

I felt super excited because I got to meet extraordinary people while at some points made me feel anxious by the fact that I wasn’t good enough. This was actually a trigger for me in order to be the better version of me each time. So, as XL Future Leaders awardee, I can feel the impact on of how I manage to realize that weaknesses and mistakes are not something to be ashamed of. Other than that, having good connection is also one of the advantages. And sometimes I got the opportunity meeting BoD of startup companies where they valued XLFL Program really well. Many of them are ex-XL so that I feel comfortable having discussion with them. Last but not least is having an outstanding attitude. In XL Future Leaders, we were always given the opportunity to collaborate whether it’s a team work with the awardees, the facilitator or the XL internal team. We learn that collaborations are all about teamwork. It was such a pleasure to have that many chances of meeting new people that time when I was still an awardee.

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Halo Bang Rizal! Boleh diceritakan mengenai kegiatan Abang saat ini? 

Saat ini saya bekerja di Grab Indonesia sebagai Sulawesi Emerging Cities Manager yang membawahi 4 area yaitu Sulawesi Tenggara, Sulawesi Tengah, Sulawesi Barat dan Gorontalo. Saya fokus meng-handle bisnis dan operasional perusahaan di wilayah-wilayah tersebut, mulai dari performa bisnis, partnership, strategic, dan administrasi di kantor di tiap kota.

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