Student Stories

Damai Dengan Berbagi

“Happy World Peace Day bukan sekedar slogan. Menyebutkannya tahun ini bukan pula hal yang mudah karena apa yang kita alami beberapa bulan ke belakang. Covid-19, sebuah pandemi yang mengajarkan kita untuk berdamai dengan keadaan, beradaptasi, mencari solusi, dan terus bergerak maju, mencari cara untuk tetap bisa saling membantu dan menciptakan kedamaian bagi diri dan lingkungan dengan berbagai macam masalahnya.”

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Creating Impact Through Learning With

“K. Palkumirani – XLFL Batch 8  awardee menginisiasi kelas bahasa Inggris gratis dan lengkap melalui platform instagram bagi semua golongan masyarakat di Indonesia”

Bagaimana ceritanya seorang Rani sampai kesana? Simak ulasannya dalam interview berikut!

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Building Awareness on Sustainable Living


2020, tahun dengan banyak cerita dan kejadian-kejadian yang untuk pertama kalinya terjadi di dunia. Salah satunya ketika #dirumahlebihbaik untuk melakukan segala aktivitas, yang dalam kondisi normal kita lakukan di banyak lokasi, seperti sekolah, kantor, mall atau tempat umum lainnya. Semoga kita sudah bisa menemukan ritme aktivitas dan kerja masing – masing untuk menjalani new normal ini dengan tetap semangat tentunya.

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Start Early To Reach Fully: What Is The Best Age To Start Your Career?

Back when I was in high school, I was just thinking, with the retirement age rising to 67 by 2046, young people will soon work for 50 years or more. I realize that choosing the profession I want to follow and university courses that will get me there is a decision of paramount importance. But I cannot help thinking that it’s too much for an inexperienced 23-year-old me to make.

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The Courage to Value Independence

Adenanthera Swietenia Fatma
SDG 7 Focal Point Asia Pacific
Law & Advocacy PPI Malaysia
Innovation, Business, and Partnership Development Center PPI Dunia

“Do not stop loving your country, no matter what you do, even if it is smaller than what you can imagine.”

That phrase has been ringing in my mind since Fatma told me how she valued independence. Unlike what we used to perceive, independence feels different for Fatma, because war in her terms is war in different ways. It is not about people versus money or people versus people, but it’s the war between you and yourself, how one believes in the value of change and has the courage to change.

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Preparation Determines Your Success

Featuring Hikmatiar Abdul Shayyaf – XLFL Batch 7


As we grow older and nearer to our graduation from university, most of us begin to wonder and worry about our future employment. What if we can’t get a job? What if our salary doesn’t make ends meet? These hundreds of what ifs will cross our mind if we think about the future as the future is indefinite. What matters is the present and the way we prepare for our future.

As a recent graduate, Hikmatiar Abdul Shayyaf or Tiar as his friends call him, believes that in job-seeking, preparation is a skill, and it is the most important and vital.

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Sharing Stories through Spill Your Story

“Every story is worth telling” – Spill Your Story
Raudhatul Jannah & Ceudah Hajashafira
XLFL Bacth 7 & 8 (Founder Spill Your Story)

Ada milyaran manusia dimuka bumi saat ini, dan begitu juga, ada milyaran cerita tentang mereka. Dua orang sahabat dari  XL Future Leaders berbagi kisah mereka tentang proyek berbagi cerita. Lets Spill the tea about “Spill Your Story”!

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Online Team Management: Facing the New Normal


Physical events during the Covid-19 pandemic have hit rock-bottom these days, and one of the affected activities caused by it was a social movement. Back then when our life was running normally, it was quite usual for us to see someone to start a campaign or project, either to spread awareness, help those in need, persuade people to join a positive activity, or many that you could name. But now the situation has changed, and people have started to adapt. Lots of people are now used to attending or holding online events, with the same purpose and output of the offline meetings could do.

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Cross-cultural Communication: Why You Should Acquire One by International Exposure

Muhammad Afi Ramadhan (@afiramadhan) – XLFL Batch 7 Medan

(Caption: representing the delegates to deliver appreciation speech at Temasek Foundation’s headquarters)

representing the delegates to deliver appreciation speech at Temasek Foundation’s headquarters

I was privileged to attend the inaugural STEP Youth Regional Affairs Dialogue 2019 from 2nd – 9th August 2019 in Singapore. Organized by Nanyang Technological University – University Scholars Programme (NTU-USP) and supported by Temasek Foundation, I was selected as one of 75 delegates from 18 Asian countries (including Bhutan, Sri Lanka, Taiwan, and South Korea) for a fully-funded eight days trip to NTU campus where I learned and appreciate Asia’s interwoven geopolitical structure through discussions on economics, politics and society, while fostering an understanding of governance and policies across Asia and build friendships through cross-cultural exchanges.

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Creating a Platform: Spreading Knowledge

Featuring Muhammad Haykal (XLFLB7 Jakarta)

Muhammad Haykal is a student of Communication Studies from Universitas Hassanudin and an XL Future Leaders Batch 7 Awardee. Haykal, along with his three other friends, initiated ‘Kita Bicara Dulu.’ The podcast aims to spread awareness, start discussions, and be a platform for people to share their opinions and information without being bound by a strict mainstream media system. Beginning in October 2019, ‘Kita Bicara Dulu’ has been streamed for more than 1700 times on Spotify and 200 times on Apple Music.

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