Alumni Update: Believe In Yourself, Stay Strong, and Trust The Process

What are the values that you applied so that you were able to overcome challenges at work?

  1. Persistence
  2. Genuine
  3. Networking

How did you feel about being a part of XLFL Family and how did it affect you?

I felt super excited because I got to meet extraordinary people while at some points made me feel anxious by the fact that I wasn’t good enough. This was actually a trigger for me in order to be the better version of me each time. So, as XL Future Leaders awardee, I can feel the impact on of how I manage to realize that weaknesses and mistakes are not something to be ashamed of. Other than that, having good connection is also one of the advantages. And sometimes I got the opportunity meeting BoD of startup companies where they valued XLFL Program really well. Many of them are ex-XL so that I feel comfortable having discussion with them. Last but not least is having an outstanding attitude. In XL Future Leaders, we were always given the opportunity to collaborate whether it’s a team work with the awardees, the facilitator or the XL internal team. We learn that collaborations are all about teamwork. It was such a pleasure to have that many chances of meeting new people that time when I was still an awardee.

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Halo Bang Rizal! Boleh diceritakan mengenai kegiatan Abang saat ini? 

Saat ini saya bekerja di Grab Indonesia sebagai Sulawesi Emerging Cities Manager yang membawahi 4 area yaitu Sulawesi Tenggara, Sulawesi Tengah, Sulawesi Barat dan Gorontalo. Saya fokus meng-handle bisnis dan operasional perusahaan di wilayah-wilayah tersebut, mulai dari performa bisnis, partnership, strategic, dan administrasi di kantor di tiap kota.

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Interview Session with Jehian Panangian Sijabat – Seeking Opportunity in the Disruption Era

Bang Ian! Itulah sapaan akrab dari Jehian Panangian Sijabat, Influencer Manager yang mengkoordinasi channel Nihongo Mantappu, Korean Reomit, Turah Parthayana, Leonardo Edwin, dan Erika Ebisawa. Bang Ian menjajaki karir di bidang Influencer Manager tepat setahun yang lalu, dimana kebanyakan masyarakat masih awam dengan pekerjaan tersebut. Sepuluh tahun yang lalu, pekerjaan Influencer Manager dan Content Creator belum santer terdengar. Dengan adanya disrupsi dan perkembangan teknologi informasi yang mudah dijangkau masyarakat umum, banyak sekali menghilangkan pekerjaan yang bersifat transaksional dan berulang. Tetapi dibalik itu, muncul lebih banyak pekerjaan baru yang memerlukan skill tertentu yang tidak diajarkan siswa di sekolah. Yuk, simak langsung perjalanan Jehian dalam mengembangkan karirnya!

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Welcoming XLFL 8 to Our Award-Winning Program

Congratulations, now you have become part of XL Future Leaders Family, soon to start your Batch 8 super challenging yet rewarding activities!

We can hardly wait!

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Batch 8 Round Two Selections Are Complete


If your name is on this list, you are successfully passed the Online Assessment of XL Future Leaders Batch 8 and will be eligible to continue to the next selection phase :

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Batch 8 Round One Selections Are Complete


If your name is on this list, you’ve successfully passed the first round of XL Future Leaders Batch 8 selection. We will send out an email with detailed information.

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Ramadan Sharing Session with XL Future Leaders

Tips and Motivation on Future Plan

There are many ways you can share with others during holy Ramadan month. Conducting motivational session with the orphans, at the same time having a breaking-fast event, is one of the examples.

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XL Future Leaders – Youth Town Hall 2019

Encourage Students to Prepare for Industrial Revolution 4.0

XL Axiata through the XL Future Leaders program held the “Youth Town Hall 2019” event with the theme “IoT as Now Solution to Make Life Easier” in four cities in Indonesia: Banda Aceh (18/3), Malang (1/4), Semarang (8/4) and Pontianak (10/4); In total 1,000 participants who are college students from various universities attending the events.

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XLFL Batch 7 Welcome Letter to Our Award – Winning Program

Dear XLFL Batch 7

We want to welcome each of you to XL Future Leaders Program! You are about to begin one of the most exciting times in your life, and everyone involving in our program wants to support you make your “XLFL Experience” rewarding.

You often hear that XLFL Program is a challenging program creating better and more competitive young Indonesian and beyond future leaders, and it is true!

Every year, XL Future Leaders team travels across the nation to find student future leaders to join our award-winning youth development program. Its depth character, diversity, commitment to excel all the awardees’ soft skills, as well as upholding its local culture to embrace international culture play an important role to making XL Future Leaders Program such an exemplary outstanding external academic environment.

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Batch 7 Round Three Selections Are Complete


If your name is on this list, you are successfully passed the Virtual Case Study of XLFL7 and will be eligible continue to  the next selection phase.  Below is the list  of the candidates:

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